Indian Government gets ready to ‘spy’ on Blackberry users emails and BBM

Blackberry’s highly secure BBM service could now be open to Government scrutiny. Back in March 2008 the government of India had asked Blackberry to allow them to intercept emails sent over Blackberry’s servers to monitor unlawful activity.

If recent reports from India Today are to be believed, the government will soon be able to do just this. Unnamed Indian officials were quick to point out to India Today that their forthcoming ability to capture and crack BBM messages will be used strictly to intercept communication only from handsets of people suspected of criminal or terrorist activity.

Close on the heels of a 12% cut in prices of its handsets in early April 2012, Blackberry has been bucking the international trend, and has posted considerable sales in India., in their latest research report states “While OEMs such as Nokia and Blackberry have traumatic global challenges, they are expected to continue to be significant in India given their strong brand presence, distribution network and consumer affinity in India.”

What remains to be seen is whether the government’s snooping on Blackberry’s secure servers gives Blackberry’s Enterprises users a shiver.