Editor’s note: Contributor Ashkan Karbasfrooshan is the founder and CEO of WatchMojo, he hosts a show on business and has published books on success.  Follow him @ashkan.

“Where do you get the time to write so much as a company CEO, and more importantly, shouldn’t you be closing deals or doing something more useful?”

Fair enough.

Do What Comes Naturally To You

Some entrepreneurs are technologists, others are salespeople, a few are storytellers.

The best coders don’t stop coding even if they run the company.

The best cooks never stop cooking even when they open their restaurant.

Musicians are always jamming no matter what.

Similarly, a storyteller doesn’t put the pen down because he’s in pursuit of profit, too.  He finds a way to marry the two.  If you enjoy writing and happen to be the CEO, then it’s a marriage made in heaven if you can…

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